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Who we are

Learning alone...
That sparks a lot of memories — days of almost banging my head against the wall, not having someone to ask questions when I got stuck, tell my worries to or encourage me when things got tough. Sadly, that was the situation I found myself in before COVID-19 came. When you add the complexity of programming to the endless resources that seemed to offer more confusion than clarity, you will understand why I started feeling frustrated and isolated. I was just in my second year then and was struggling through a tough Python course. While my interest in programming was sparked by seeing all the things I could build with it, the journey felt overwhelming and I almost gave up.
In fact, I think I did...
Then, in January 2020, I discovered GDSC UNILAG.
It's a space where students can connect, learn, and grow together. I encountered fellow students who shared my passion for technology and were always ready to offer support.

This newfound community gave me the motivation and comfort to persevere and push forward in my learning journey. There's always something going on. It's either a workshop, or an event featuring industry experts, industrial visits, coding challenges, and hackathons.

These activities weren't just designed to equip us with the latest tech skills and problem-solving abilities; they also taught us the importance of leadership and teamwork. This journey transformed me from being a member to becoming the Lead.

Today's landscape reminds me of the challenge I had then in navigating my tech journey, only that it's even tougher now. There's AI, ML, blockchain, and Web3—new paradigms keep springing up daily.

It feels like you will fall by the wayside if you don't keep up.

The reward lies with going far, and at GDSC UNILAG, we believe that this journey shouldn't be a solo mission. We've seen from experience that while you will often go fast going alone, you will only go far if you go with others. This is why we're here to support you every step of the way, from finding the right resources to seizing opportunities. But it's only possible when you become part of our community dedicated to collective growth and success in the tech world. You can join us here.

Hafsah Anibaba, Lead, GDSC Unilag

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